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Here we can proudly present a part of our recent work.


Tree houses
Herebelow are projects of tree houses. There are innovative designs which will surprise your children.

Below you can see our projects. It is innovative and modern. There are houses, slides and many more things from different view. They were build in Kneippbyn - Gotland in Sweden.

Tree house
No doubt about that. This tree house is one of our big success. It was designed as a dream tree house for every kid... We are sure it will bring much of a good time for its users.

Golden mine
This is our vision of place to play for kids. They are becoming real bounty hunters. Below you can see how this playground is going to look like. Children are going to search for some gold in incoming water. Every gold miner who by using tools finds golden stone wins.

Boat and palace for 4WD bike racers
They were also made in Kneippbyn - Gotland in Sweden. Kids can race through the big boat and the big castle. It gives a lot of enjoyment through the whole race. Plenty of fan is guaranteed!


Panorama Karkonowska

Super walk

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